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"...has all this information been placed in a book or put in a pdf file, I am getting ready to landscape my new home and would love to read all this invaluable information I stumbled across..."
- Brian A., Lafayette, LA

"My manager recently passed on some very good information on
IPM.....Your materials provide some excellent references and "how to"
- South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve,
Charleston, Oregon

"I have just been checking out your web site and think its fantastic!
- Jason


IPM Practitioners Association (IPMPA)

The IPM Practitioners Association (IPMPA) was founded in 1989 as a non-profit association, with its purpose to facilitate the use and understanding of integrated pest management in primarily non-agricultural resource settings, such as parks, ornamental landscapes, roadsides and structural settings. Our web site, IPM ACCESS, is the vehicle for providing that service.

The IPMPA relied upon grants and the support of its founders to cover project and operating expenses, as well as the development and maintenance of IPM ACCESS, for over 15 years.

Now that IPM ACCESS has reached maturity, coupled with the fact that it is ever more challenging to fund a non-profit organization, we have moved in a new and exciting direction!  The non-profit organization has transformed into a commercial endeavor in order to make IPM ACCESS more self-sustaining, and we are in the midst of re-developing IPM ACCESS to provide a better level of service and value to those that use it.

The next generation of IPM ACCESS is consistent with the ongoing vision we've had for the website since its inception.  The IPM information files will remain available and in time will be updated, along with the addition of other useful information.  A completely new forum has been added so people from around the world interested in any topic related to IPM can participate in community discussion by sharing questions and information with each other.

Perhaps the most exciting new development to the web site is our Directory of IPM Products and Services.  The directory is a comprehensive listing sorted according to type of pest and further sorted by specific type of tool being sought.  The resulting list will focus your search and give you contact information for those businesses listed.

We're looking forward to the next generation of serving the global IPM community!


    IPM Practitioners Association (or IPMPA)
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