Conditions of Use for IPM Access

The following is a statement of the terms under which IPM Access is operated. It outlines the general behavior requested of users, and explains the general guidelines under which information is handled.

"Webmaster", "Webkeeper", or "system administrator" refers to those persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of this information service, including making decisions about the suitability of any materials posted to this system.

IPM Access and the IPM Practitioners Association are not responsible for any use, misuse, abuse, and/or illegal activity that might be based on information obtained from this system.

The inclusion of any product and equipment descriptions, brand names, or other mention of commercial or any other products does not constitute an endorsement.

No guarantees are made regarding availability to IPM Access other than every reasonable effort will be made to keep the system running at all times except during necessary maintenance activities or temporary system failures beyond our control.

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Last Modified: December 9, 2006

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